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The Thermotor range of SMILE / SAD signs are available in 2 standard sizes.
        300mm face with 150mm Speed display.
        450mm face with 225mm Speed display.
        The Smiley/Sad part of the sign can be replaced with "SLOW DOWN" / "THANK YOU"

The 225mm speed display is also available as a "YOUR SPEED" sign with or without flashing

These products are part of our range of mobile advisory LED compact signs. They are used to
remind vehicle users of their actual speed, by the use of an active speed display and also a
Face (Smile or sad) or text (SLOW DOWN/THANK YOU). These interactive elements of the
sign encourage drivers to adjust their speed accordingly.
Products / Features
150mm and 225mm LED speed indicator displays
300mm and 450mm LED Smile/Sad Face
100mm and 150mm LED Slow Down/Thank You
Automatic Ambient Dimming
Ingress Protected to IP 65
Standard Mains powered sign 220-240V AC also Battery or Solar/Wind powered
versions available  
Internal Microwave Vehicle Detector (MVD) 
Various configuration settings (Face or Text) etc
Event logging option (Time, Date and Vehicle Speed) for vehicles exceeding the set
trigger threshhold
Timer/calendar options
Quick and easy installation
Mobile kits (Battery, Tripod, Charger and Carry Case) options
The signs are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK and conform to the
environmental RoHS & WEEE directives.  We offer prices for full installation, and of course
customer support and warranty.

Photos of Smiley, Slow and Speed Signs
Warning Triangle Wig-Wag Flood
Diversion Lane Closure