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School Wig-Wag

The VAS School Wig-Wag is part of our range of LED compact Sentinel signs.

The signs are generally used to increase driver awareness of the additional risk of driving
nearby a school when children may be entering or leaving the school vicinity. Typically this
type of sign is configured to operate from a timer in such a way that it is continuously flashing
during the operational period.

These signs are commonly fitted as part of a plate sign arrangement. The Thermotor School
wig-wag has fixings in its rear panel for this purpose.

Compliance with Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 ensures installation
without a need for site specific authorisation.
Products / Features
Timer/calendar options 365 day up to 8 on/off cycles per day 10minute granularity
Automatic Ambient Dimming
Ingress Protected to IP 65
Standard Mains powered sign 220-240V AC also a Solar powered version is available  
Internal Microwave Vehicle Detector (MVD)
Timer/calendar options are updated by bluetooth
Quick and easy installation
The signs are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK and conform to the
environmental RoHS & WEEE directives.  We offer prices for full installation, and of course
customer support and warranty.
Photo of School Wig-Wag
Warning Triangle Wig-Wag Flood
Diversion Lane Closure