Signs for Safer Journeys
Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)
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SID Smiley/Slow/Speed ISIS
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Our Products

Here at Thermotor we make a wide range of electronic signs and bespoke systems.

Our ultra slim signs are compact and lightweight and have been designed and manufactured to meet
the highest standards for durability and performance. High intensity traffic grade LEDs combined with
automatic dimming and black sign face shielding ensure optimum legibility in all weather conditions,
including bright sunlight.

Activation is usually via the internal Microwave Vehicle Detector (MVD) which can be configured to the
specifics of the site. Bluetooth communication is fitted as standard for configuration settings or data
retrieval if required for data analysis.
VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs)
These signs come in Speed Roundel and many
other varieties, including the following: 

SID       (Speed Indicating Device)
SSID     (Smiley Speed Indicating Device)
ISIS      (Interactive Speed Indicating Sign)
TAS (Timer Activated Signs)
These signs can be configured to operate via
dedicated internal timer switches.

The timers can be configured to operate up to 8
on/off cycles per day, 365 days a year. Calendar
data can be programmed and stored for up to 10
years ahead.
(The TAS function can be enabled on all VAS
Alternative Energy
Options are available:
Solar, Wind, Battery, etc
Most VAS signs have the option to log vehicle
Speed, Time, Date index etc

Warning Triangle Wig-Wag Flood
Diversion Lane Closure