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Flood Warning Signs

Our range of "Flood Warning Signs" is extensive. This page shows a selection of the range, if
you don't see the sign that you need please contact us and enquire anyway.

Flood Warning Signs can be activated by vehicle, timer, loop detector. These signs can also
be controlled or configured via the internet or text messages. Individual or Groups of signs may
be operated via a single cloudbased Web interface, allowing control from your desktop. This
can include collection of logging data or fault data if required.

Flood Warning signs are available either as Triangular or Rectangular signs, the Rectangular
signs can incorporate flashing lanterns if required. They are part of our range of LED compact
Sentinel signs.

The signs are generally used to increase driver awareness of the additional risk of driving
approaching a flood hazard.

Thermotor Flood Warning Signs are available for many other common TSR&GD signs.
Products / Features
Timer/calendar options 365 day up to 8 on/off cycles per day 10minute granularity
Automatic Ambient Dimming
Ingress Protected to IP 65
Standard Mains powered sign 220-240V AC also Battery or Solar/Wind powered
versions available  
Internal Microwave Vehicle Detector (MVD)
Event logging option (Time, Date and Vehicle Speed) for vehicles exceeding the set
trigger speed
Timer/calendar options
Cloud based control options
Quick and easy installation
The signs are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK and conform to the
environmental RoHS & WEEE directives.  We offer prices for full installation, and of course
customer support and warranty.
Warning Triangle Wig-Wag Flood
Diversion Lane Closure